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Future of Food Event

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About the Webinar Series

Event 1:  Gastronomic Heritage

Date: 14 Feb

Event 2:  Novelty Cuisines and Experiences

Date: 14 Mar

Event 3:  Sustainable Food Sovereignty

Date: 18 Apr

Event 4:  Synthetic Sustenance

Date: 16 May

The burning question on the mind of every food brand's senior business leader: What does the future hold for our plates?

At FutureBridge, we haven't just been pondering this question - we've developed four distinct, eye-opening scenarios that paint a vivid picture of what our food system could look like in the years to come.

This exclusive webinar series, available to a select few FutureBridge clients and prospects, is your front-row seat for dissecting the future of food. Starting in February 2024, join us as we explore:

  • Four diverse "Future of Food" scenarios: Dive into the potential pathways our food system could take, shaped by powerful macro trends and cutting-edge innovations.
  • The volatility fueling change: Our in-depth PESTEL analysis and proprietary early signals model reveal the dynamic forces driving the future of food, highlighting what to anticipate and how to adapt.
  • Key parameters steering the course: We drill down to the core elements influencing each scenario, equipping you with insights to navigate the coming shifts.
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Our Panel of Experts

Edward Bergen

Senior Analyst: Food & Nutrition

Edward is an outgoing and passionate analyst and speaker with a wide experience in the FMCG industry. Focusing on food & drink, Edward is an expert on trend developments, innovation and recommending change. At FutureBridge, Edward manages the syndicated Food & Nutrition Insider platform.

Abhijitha V

Senior Research Specialist

A highly motivated food professional specializing in problem-solving and innovation. With a focus on next-generation foods, she has developed groundbreaking methodologies for product development, process optimization, and concept generation.

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