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About This Event

Which technologies and strategies could support zero emissions and zero-road deaths?

Battery electric vehicles, Hybrids, or alternatively-fueled vehicles with hydrogen, biofuels or e-fuels are different pathways to sustainable propulsion and zero-emission fleets. 

Even though electric car sales are booming, the decarbonization of fleets still faces techno-commercial challenges, such as high cost, complex supply chain, lack of charging or refueling infrastructure. 

But that’s not all. In parallel, fleet owners and corporates need future-proof solutions in autonomous driving to offset the lack of professional truck drivers and enhance road safety. 

Level 3 Autonomous driving in private cars is expanding in 2024, but commercial vehicles and trucks are falling behind in terms of technology adoption. Autonomous truck start-ups continue to struggle despite substantial funding.

Finally, regulations for the phase-out of ICE and deployment of Level 3-4 Autonomous Driving are not harmonized globally, which poses a risk to invest, develop and deploy future-proof solutions.

In this webinar, FutureBridge experts will discuss the top technologies and strategies needed to step up electric mobility and autonomous driving, especially for commercial vehicles and trucks.

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Our Panel of Experts

Georgios Stathousis

I advise manufacturers, suppliers and start-ups on the future of the automotive industry, emerging technologies and winning business models.


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