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Beauty Redefined

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About This Event

With more than 70% of consumers opting for hyper-personalized beauty products, both established corporations and startups are adopting AI practices to keep up with the rapid growth of AI hyper-personalization. However, as a future-forward techno-commercial consulting and advisory company, we are evaluating the viability and longevity of this trend. We are trying to understand, 
  • Will AI make the ground even for startups, small players, and big players?
  • Can careful planning and strategic investment leverage AI technology for all companies?
  • How will AI balance the subjective nature of beauty perception and technology, and what role will data privacy and legal and ethical regulations play?
  • Will AI bias pose a challenge in beauty hyper-personalization?
  • What does the futuristic AI-based hyper-personalization look like? 
We will delve deep to address these critical questions. Further, explore new opportunities to accelerate the future of beauty brands.

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Our Panel of Experts

Tarun Kataria

A Home & Personal Care insights consultant with interest in technology scouting, opportunity & market assessment, sustainability & strategy development. 

Rachit Singla

I'm passionate about technology innovation and how it will shape the Future of the Life Sciences industry. I work with the client stakeholders from R&D, Innovation, Strategy, and BD&L to provide deep techno-commercial insights.

We shall reach out to you at the earliest. Please look out for our communications. In the meanwhile, we’ve gathered a few FutureBridge perspectives that might be of interest to you.